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Balanced insights

Timely, meaningful data that offers insight

Gordon Capital produces balanced and insightful research and analysis about small and micro cap companies that have significant growth potential so that investors can make sound financial decisions when assessing these stocks.

Invest with confidence

Our analysis addresses the whole investment proposition including fundamental drivers of stock valuation, the catalysts for change in these value drivers, and the implications of major events in a company’s life.

Gordon Capital’s coverage of some small and micro-cap companies is a valued resource for my firm and his regular lunchtime briefings with some of his companies provides the ideal opportunity to meet, listen to and question the people running these companies. The quarterly review is a very helpful summary of the companies covered by Gordon Capital, presented in Michael’s typical detailed, informative, no fuss style. For firms of all sizes, Gordon Capital’s coverage of small companies is invaluable.

Christopher McLoughlin

Director, Equity Advisers Pty Ltd

More than Facts and Figures

Gordon Capital provides more than just fact and figures, we offer you keen insight!


See through the fog

Accurate, reliable analysis gives a greater level of confidence because investors have the opportunity to clearly see the important aspects of a company’s life. It is critical for investors to understand the growth profiles of the companies in which they invest:

  • How management plans to create value
  • How the business models work
  • How the value proposition will be monitised
  • What the business case is and what opportunities the business has
  • Unique competitive advantage
Mocked Up Review Cover

Sample Report

The Small and Micro Cap Review

The Small and Micro Cap Review is published three times a year (April, July and November) and comprises meaningful profiles on each of our clients. We also utilise social media to augment this analysis. This means investors can have their fingers on the pulse of these stocks. Sophisticated Investors are encouraged to subscribe directly or through Twitter or Google+.