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Broadcasting your potential and building investor support

Gordon Capital’s mission is to stimulate investment interest by producing and widely distributing, balanced and credible research and analysis. We specialise in small and micro-caps where broker research is either non-existent or patchy.

Gordon Capital helps small and micro cap companies to engage with the investment community.

We are passionate about small and micro cap companies; they pursue visions often chasing high octane growth, they have identified gaps in the market, they have established some unique competitive advantage, they are innovators and disrupters and if they get it right they have the potential to deliver big gains to investors. They could very well be tomorrow’s big caps.

Gordon Capital, played a significant role in getting Leaf Resources introduced to the Australian markets. Michael Gordon, the principal,  is well connected within the markets and works hard to deliver a valuable service for clients.

Ken Richards

Managing Director, Leaf Resources

These companies all have stories to tell and often management struggles to easily articulate to investors what it is that they do, what is the market opportunity that they are pursuing, the customer value proposition and how they generate revenue and aim to make a profit. Our task is to tell this story and our objective is to build long term investor support; to build a following and an investor base that will identify with the vision and long term potential of the company and who are patient for the returns that will come with success.

Most small and micro caps are not widely followed and research coverage is rare so there is often a wide gap between share prices and market valuations and their real or long term value. Ongoing research coverage helps to educate the market and to reduce these gaps.

Our ongoing comprehensive research is distributed widely to brokers and advisers and increasingly through social networks and other online investment related sites.

Through our research reports and videos, we seek to educate investors about our small and micro cap clients and to give insights into their positioning, development and progress. We think that it is important that investors understand the growth profile of the companies in which they invest and how management plans to create value, how the business models work and how the value proposition will be monetarised and what is the business case or the opportunity that explains why the company is positioned as it is in its market space. Ongoing research plays an important role in building investor confidence and buy-in to the company’s story and vision.

In addition to providing ongoing, comprehensive research coverage we also arrange meetings, roadshows and introductions to brokers and advisers who are key influencers of investment decisions.


Gordon Capital is not associated with any stockbroker nor does it provide corporate advice or raise capital. We do not make recommendations in our reports and we endeavour to ensure that the analysis is balanced.

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